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IPIF Space Guide

When searching for business space there are three basic things you must consider; what type and size of space you need and where you would like your business premises to be located. We can't tell you where the best location to base your business is, but we can guide you as to the type and size of space which may suit you best. That's why we have created this easy guide to help you.

Relative sizes

Unit Size: 200 sq ft (19 sp m)

Similar in size to a single garage.

Unit Size: 600 sq ft (56 sp m)

Similar in size to a singles squash court.

Unit Size: 2,000 sq ft (186 sp m)

Similar in size to a singles tennis court.

Unit Size: 13,500 sq ft (1,254 sp m)

Similar in size to an Olympic swimming pool.

Indicative sizes

There are many factors which influence the actual rent per sq ft of any given unit. For example, the size of the unit makes a difference, larger work spaces have a lower rent per sq ft than smaller work spaces.

Other factors which influence rent can be the units position within the estate, facilities available, natural light, air-con, state of refurbishment or accessibility. Therefore, all size and price ranges listed throughout the website are indicative only. Please contact Lettings on 0800 804 8600 for a full price list of available units at your center of interest.

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